Romuald (Ronald) Zak aged 24

His dead body was found by a witness at 2pm on 24/05/1997.

It is interesting to note that the hospital only contacted the family to report that Ronald was missing and there was no other report to indicate that the Police were called to report a missing person or patient.

He was last seen when he was interviewed by two doctors on 22nd May 1997. What really happened to him after that interview, to this day still remains an unsolved mystery. His death is also a mystery.

His family desperately pleads for help and more evidence from any witnesses and more supporting independent opinion from honest forensic experts.

Romuald’s (Ronald’s) dead body was found on 24th May 1997 at 2pm by two dogs with their owner, but she did not make a report to the Police but she told another person that she saw a young man’s dead body. A second person was a woman security guard and she found Ronald Zak’s dead body on 27th May 1997 at 7.35 am, but she also did not report her find to the Police. A third person who found Romuald (Ronald) Zak’s dead body was a contractor employee on 27th May 1997 at 9.30 am and he did report his find to the Police, but the Police never interviewed him. He made his one report from the scene.

One very important eye witness was another contractor employee who on 22nd May 1997 at 2pm saw a suspicious male person standing upright under the tree. This person was standing still and facing away from him, approximately 2 m. away. The person was not slouched, bent over, nor was he collapsed at the knees or similar. He did not see anything unusual and the person was not slumped as would be expected if he was hanging from a tree branch.

The employee had supplied full details that this suspicious person was wearing a black security jacket and black trousers. This witness was never interviewed by Police or called into Court. He made an interview and affidavit and gave it to the family. It is a very conflicting finding from the Coroner about dead Romuald ( Ronald ) Zak on 21st May 1997 , between 1pm and 2pm, despite all evidence from witnesses and reports.

We have already received some second opinion from famous specialists and we received from newspapers an e-mail copy from a witness called “ SILENCE “ . Eye witness “ SILENCE “ is a very important witness from the scene of the crime at the time when Romuald( Ronald )had passed away. His evidence is most important and it strongly supports the view that Romuald (Ronald) had been raped and murdered.

“ SILENCE “, saying……

Second independent opinions from famous specialists:

Other reports:

Above is the evidence that we have. We also have a list of witnesses which had never testified in the Coroner Court.

We are Romuald’s (Ronald’s) family in desperate need for witnesses to come forward and help us expose our son’s Mystery murder, the unknown darkness. To reopen the case and major crime investigation we need more evidence and support from Silence and independent forensic pathologists. Please!

We need your help, not your name


Chemical analysis report confirms that in Romuald’s blood there was Temazepan , a sleep inducing medication. This medication was given to Romuald by the medical staff either in tablets or in injections between 20.00 hours or later, during his stay in hospital. Romualds body was dressed in a white T-shirt opened by 3 buttons, which was part of the male uniform of the carers in the closed ward of the hospital. An oversized blue blazer on Romulad was recognized on the photograph by us and by his female friend who worked in this hospital, that the blazer was the property of an unidentified person.

Romuald’s dead body was placed in the grass on a steeply sloping ground under a tree, of which a small branch, before it was cut, hung 10cm above his chest and around his neck was wound a clean, white shoelace from man’s sports shoes.

The mystery of the cutting of one branch from that tree has not been explained to this day, who and why did anyone cut off a very important piece of criminal evidence. A detective certified in the Coroner’s Court that it was the gardener who cut off the branch. The gardener testified in the Coroner’s Court that he never cut off, before or after Romuald’s death, any branches from any trees because the scope of his duties was only to cut grass. The matter of the mysterious cutting of the branch above the body has not been clarified to this day, who and why it was cut. There never were any samples from the body, clothes, shoelace or gold chain taken for laboratory testing. Court evidence such as the white shoelace from male sports shoes, the gold chain with blood stains, clothing and shoes were all destroyed in the mortuary before they could be sent to the court laboratory for testing.

The pathologist and the detective who were engaged to clarify the case of how and on which branch Romuald hung himself, personally stated that they don’t know how he did it, but he did it they told. A DVD recorded during the time a reconstruction of the hanging scene , based on the pathologist’s autopsy report , confirms a physical phenomenon , that a dead body , after falling from the hight at which the branch was, would never be able to fall into a position at which Romuald’s body was found. Court evidence confirms that a problem which the pathologist and the detective were not able to solve was their inability to confirm whether there was one white shoelace from men’s sports shoes , or two white shoelaces from man’s shoes , or a string form Romuald’s sports trousers around Romuald’s neck. Because there was no examination done as required by regulations in force, the most important evidence which would establish the cause of death was deliberately destroyed and never presented in the Coroner’s Court.

 We, the parents, are defending and will always defend the dignity of our son, because we do not want him portrayed as someone that he was not. Romuald was in deep depression after he found out that his childhood sweetheart got engaged to a much older, divorced man. For three years Romuald took out a restraining order against her, she was aggressive and morbidly jealous, but in spite of all that he loved her very much and waited and believed that one day they will be together again. Romuald personally reported to the hospital asking for specialist help how to live with his pain and his depression after he lost his girl, but he never received any professional help.

Romuald (Ronald) Zak’s chemistry report form Forensic Science Laboratory, presents that there was NO alcohol or any illicit drugs in his body’s system. He had no criminal record with the Police. We have legal access to the Coroner Police forensic photos from the scene where Ronald body was found, and from the autopsy. We can use all the forensic photos and any second opinion to support our case as criminal, and help the police to reopen an investigation into Romuald (Ronald) Zak murder.

Dear witnesses, remember please “HONESTY IS BEST CONFESSION “and you will help our family and our son to stay in “PEACE “for ever.